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Coconut Créme Body Scrub
8.5oz (250ml)
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Pure Fiji Item #: UK-PF-BS -

    Discover the South Pacific secret to beautiful skin, with this luxuriously rich foaming coconut créme body scrub. Pineapple extracts gently buff away dull skin cells and unclog pores to rejuvenate your skin. Vitamin rich coconut créme and exotic nut extracts deeply moisturise and nourish - leaving skin smooth, clean and revitalised. Lightly massage over very wet skin, concentrating on problem areas. Rinse and pat dry. For best results follow with Pure Fiji hydrating body lotion or exotic oil....

    Coconut Milk Bath Soak
    16oz (470ml)
    Price: £34.95
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    Pure Fiji Item #: UK-PF-MB -

      Luxuriously smooth and creamy, this hydrating coconut milk soak contains a bounty of nutrients essential to the support and good health of your skin. Fresh coconut milk with a blend of exotic nut oils rejuvenate, nourish and rehydrate dry skin leaving it supple smooth and revitalized. Add 1/4 cup to running water and relax on a wave of island magic.

      Coconut Milk Shower Gel
      8.5oz (250ml)
      Price: £22.35
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      Pure Fiji Item #: UK-PF-SG -

        Discover the South Pacific secret to clean and refreshed skin with this gentle and nourishing shower gel. Natural cleansers derived from coconut and sugar cane ease away accumulated impurities, while pineapple extracts gently brighten skin tone - leaving skin replenished and rejuvenated.

        Coconut Sugar Rub
        15.5oz (457ml)
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        Pure Fiji Item #: UK-PF-SR -

          Use in the shower after cleansing for a natural exfoliation and moisturizing treatment. From the pristine environment of Fiji, comes an extraordinary moisturizing body treatment. Coconut sugar scrub with fresh sugar cane crystals, contains naturally occurring alpha hydroxyl to gently buff away aging skin cells, polish your skin clean and unclog pores. Added to this is the deep moisturizing richness of a blend of cold pressed virgin coconut, dilo, macadamia and sikeci oils to nourish,...

          Exotic Bath & Body Oil
          8oz (235 ml)
          Price: £38.95
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          Pure Fiji Item #: UK-PF-EO -

            For centuries Pacific islanders have used a blend of virgin coconut oil and a unique blend of dilo, macadamia and sikeci oils to moisturize, nourish and protect both skin and hair. This nourishing blend absorbs quickly and will rejuvenate, replenish, hydrate and nourish your skin. Use as a massage oil, bath oil or daily moisturizing treatment.

            Spa Soap
            3.5oz (110g)
            Price: £7.95
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            Pure Fiji Item #: UK-PF-SS110 -

              A gentle, long-lasting creamy soap hand made from fresh coconut milk and a nourishing blend of exotic nut extracts. Generous amounts of virgin coconut oil and natural glycerin produce a luxurious, rich lather and is an especially mild cleanser for the entire body. Feel clean, invigorated and refreshed.