Dilo oil is cold pressed and is a pure oil which is readily absorbed through the skin. The molecular structure of this oil remains intact with unique essential fatty acids to help alleviate many dermatological ailments. This amazing oil also naturally contains a unique essential fatty acid that soothes irritation and inflammation whilst super-charging the healing and repair process. Soothe, nourish and replenish skin affected by: Sunburn, Windburn, Dermatitis, Dehydration Rashes, Insect bites, Acne, Eczema, Shaving irritation, Post microdermabrasion, Post Radiation and Chemotherapy

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Dilo Rescue Bath Therapy 16oz
16oz (470ml)
Price: £29.50
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    Rescue, Rehydrate and Rejuvenate body and soul with this soothing bath therapy. A traditional blend of fresh coconut milk with dilo nut extract and aromatic herbs to help rejuvenate your skin, release tension in muscles and joints while restoring balance and calm.

    Dilo Rescue Body Butter
    4oz (118ml)
    Price: £9.95
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    Pure Fiji Item #: UK-DL-BB4 -

      Rescue and Rejuvenate dry skin with this supernourishing dilo nut butter. This power packed soothing and nourishing cream will revive and restore the most dry and irritated areas of skin. Use topically on irritated andespecially dry areas or allover the body for a natural nutrient boost.

      Dilo Rescue Body Gel
      8oz (235ml)
      Price: £22.95
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      Pure Fiji Item #: UK-DL-BG8 -

        Rescue and help repair skin with this nurturing dilo and aloe vera balm. It will instantly calm, rehydrate and replenish irritated skin affected by sunburn, dry skin, insect bites, rashes or postshaving irritations.